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In their search to find good engineering managers, InMobi faced many hurdles while using the traditional approach. The company parked a Royal Enfield bike at its Indian office and a Vespa in US offices at the entrance to shake things up. The HR team at InMobi made all these efforts to encourage employees into the referral program. Analyze your KPIs versus your quarterly of yearly goals, and identify areas of possible improvement. This activity will help to ensure that your results don’t stagnate over time and that you continually adapt to internal and external changes as they arise. Provide a referral message template which covers the essentials but allows room for the employee to express their personality.


A great workplace environment and Employee Referral Program Policy Template engagement will lead to more referrals. Most employees refer their friends because of two major reasons. When the program is ready to launch, make a song and dance of it. Let everyone know that it has launched, you’re excited for them to participate and build some hype. Create dedicated materials that explain the process, detail the rewards, and share the methods of participation. For a human touch, highlight recent placements and share the details of how an employee was referred, their journey to getting hired, and their contributions to the team.

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You’ll need to take into account a number of factors and understand the ethos of your business, as well as any hiring policies before getting started. The most important part is to keep the whole process as simple as you can. The simpler it is for employees to participate the more likely they are to do so. Referrals are a reliable source of talent at G2, and employees are encouraged to submit referrals through a company portal. G2 offers three bonus levels, depending on the role hired for, paid out once the referred employee reaches 90 days within the organization. No matter the size of your organization, making the most of employee referral software is in your best interest.

  • See the different referral programs that have been implemented by GrowSurf customers.
  • Generally, any full-time employee will be eligible to participate in the program, except hiring managers and HR representatives directly involved in the hiring process.
  • You know that you have the best intentions, but your employees might not realize this — especially if their referral doesn’t get a job offer.
  • As part of gamification, think about a tiered reward structure , as well as additional bonuses or big-ticket prizes for the top referrers of the year.
  • At the same time, you still need to spell out your expectations so your referring employees know what specific traits, experience, and capabilities they should be looking out for.

We’ll also share employee referral program sample templates that you can build on to craft your own templates. If you are looking for some ideas for employee referral bonuses, here is the list of 10 employee referral reward ideas. Having an employee referral program policy can help you guide employees and follow the rules. Employee Referrals are a source to hire good and suitable candidates.

Need Help Hiring? management issues may arise when you have offices spanning the globe. Some organizations with an international presence find that a decentralized employee referral structure is inefficient and lacks consistent strategic direction from their headquarters. It’s beneficial to strike a balance between these two concepts by appointing a lead person but also including regional personnel who can better understand the local HR practices. Work with your legal teams and make sure your referral program is in compliance with all laws and regulations around hiring. Reevaluate your program on a regular basis and make necessary adjustments to ensure continued compliance. As a reminder, if the person you have referred is hired, you will receive [Gifts, e.g. gift card/bottle of wine/cash bonus].


Educate employees on how to avoid referral bias, also known as unconscious bias. Referral bias occurs when they exclude specific races, genders, or personality types from their referral preferences.People have a propensity to work with people who are most like them. Training can help them become more logical and focused on choosing the right candidate for the job.

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Show candidates and employees how attractive you are as an employer. If you already know some of your colleagues before starting a new job, you can start off on a good footing from day one. When not everything is completely new, it is easier to get into the swing of things. Familiarity between employees leads to a positive working atmosphere – and ideally to good work.


It’s time to adopt referral hiring that has proven to have better ROI, reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire. Customer Stories Find out how businesses use Grove to successfully digitize HR. Bring your hiring teams together, boost your sourcing, automate your hiring, and evaluate candidates effectively. 89% want to improve their ability to select candidates who are a better cultural fit for their organization.

For this kind of referral program to work, your company needs to have the right setup. For example, both job openings and recommendations should be organised via an online platform – you should avoid bringing in the additional complication of employee referral forms. This is the only way that employees can keep themselves informed about vacancies and easily share them with their acquaintances. There are only a few positions for which this type of employee acquisition is not suitable.

  • Customize this email template to notify the details of your referral programme.
  • When you write your employee referral program email, recognize that clarity is crucial.
  • Also, in sectors like hospitality, it’s a lot easier to connect with qualified folks in the industry through word-of-mouth rather than trying to connect with them through job boards.
  • You will also need to create some rules around the program to eliminate confusion.
  • Create dedicated materials that explain the process, detail the rewards, and share the methods of participation.
  • The biggest benefit of a clear and accessible policy is avoiding grey area issues down the line.

To motivate your employees to give referrals, you’ll need to provide an incentive. Rewards or incentives can come in many different forms, but typically an employee referral bonus is the most effective. The monetary incentive will always be your biggest catalyst for generating a reliable pipeline of referral candidates.

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